Overthinking. Help with APRs

If you’ve got some stamina walk with me through my three park plan options and help me move past my overthinking problem. We were staying at CBR but just snagged a BWV studio so now we have access to Extended Evening hours. If I go with option 3 I need to change APRs and some ADRs.

When: 12/19-12/24
Where: BWV
Who: me, DH, DS20, and DD17. We are usually a RD to FW family but go at lower crowd times and have never done crazy Christmas week before. Each day has at least one ADR even if not mentioned) Big SW fans and have not done ROTR. DS and DH haven’t even seen SWGE.

Option 1 (original plan - no PH):
12/19 - EPCOT evening eat at Space or Teppan Edo (DS’s request)
12/20 - MK maybe FW Dessert party
12/21 - AK and VMAH night (maybe SH71 dinner)
12/22 - sleep in. Brunch O’Hana then EPCOT. Dinner Space or Teppan Edo
12/23 - HS
12/24 - early departure

Option 2 (same but adding PH and Deluxe EE hours):
12/19 - HS evening after stacking some LL during trip
12/20 - MK hop to EPCOT evening late Teppan Edo dinner and EE hours
12/21 - AK/VMAH (maybe SH71 dinner)
12/22 - Late EPCOT arrival, dinner Space, then hop to MK for EE hours
12/23 - HS
12/24 - departure

Option 3 (changing it up a bit):
12/19- HS
12/20 - AK then hop to EPCOT for late Teppan Edo and EE hours
12/21- MK then VMAH (should take a break but will we?)
12/22 - late EPCOT with Space dinner then hop to MK for EE hours
12/23 - HS
12/24 - leave

If you’re still here - thanks in advance.

First of all, have you checked to see if there are ADRs to switch to?

Yep. All still open. But clock is ticking so I am aware my plans can be foiled any day now

I wish I could help, but I have no idea about holiday crowds—and I am a chronic over thinker :grin:

We’re going a week or so after you, Dec 29-Jan 5. We normally go as a family in the June-late August timeframe with one Easter week trip in 2007. I’m trying to balance super-late hours (such as Epcot deluxe EE and potential later hours at MK) with rope drops. We also have the twist of multiple severe food allergies (dd21, dd26) so all our meals have to be TS (planned way out with the help of Disney Special Diets) or eaten in our DVC.

Just reading through your choices, I like the look of option 2. The only wrinkle is MK late deluxe EE before HS the next day. If Disney changes the park hours for 12/22, would you be hitting rope drop at HS the next day? I find that my family gets a little umm, shall we say cranky?, with the late night-rope drop combo the later we go in our trips.

If the cost isn’t ridiculously more I would switch to deluxe to take advantage of extra hours. I vote option three. While options two and three are similar, logistically it makes since to visit MK on VMAH night. If you decide to take a break that day, that is where you could slide into SH71.

Thanks!! I think many of us on this forum are over thinkers!

I am also concerned about late EE and then RD the next morning. I think with the combo of low crowd late hours and LL hacks our RD will look different. We will probably walk in right at the start of Early Entry rather than a true RD. I am definitely worried about that last HS day but since I added an extra evening we can relax a bit and walk over a little later.

We are managing DD17s tree nut allergy. But it’s just one allergy so way easier than multiples. We’ve gotten quite adept at managing at QS locations.

Thanks! I’ve already pulled the trigger on the deluxe. Now it’s a matter of whether we add PH (even more $$) and combine late night Deluxe hours with early mornings.

I’m leaning toward Option 3 as well. We did RD straight through an AH event in 2019 but AH ended at 11 and I swear I have aged an entire decade since then. We might even boat over to WL and see if we can find one of those couches on the third floor for a nap.

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Do we know if it’s only 2 evenings a week still? Monday at EC & Wednesday at MK? That doesn’t seem like much of a bonus for the extra expense of a deluxe resort.

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It is still just those two nights. I switched to BWV for the ease of walking to HS and Epcot. And we love the vibe on the Boardwalk in general. We were planning to stay deluxe this trip but the $800-$1000/night price tag was way out of our budget. This was a confirmed DVC and not much more than our CBR room.

The extra evening hours are a bonus that I now feel obligated to take advantage of. Are you seeing that over thinking that I spoke about?


:joy: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :joy: I do the same thing :smirk: