Overruling the plan

I’m wondering about overruling what feels like an odd choice for an AK day - 7/23 plan suggests going straight to Na’vi River and winding up with a 4 minute wait for Flight of Passage immediately afterwards.

That seems illogical to me as I’ve rope dropped on a quieter day in August 2019 and still waited a looooong time for FoP.

I kind of just fancied handing over my brain to the plan as I’m a bit rusty in the parks having only been once since 2015 (during which time my now-ex kept on arguing against Lines), but am nervous when something that feels obvious crops up.

Am I wrong in my assumption? Do I need to Disney up and do more research?

Do you find yourself overruling often? Why do you think that is and in what circumstances?

I would over rule that. I have found that TP tends to be incorrect about the first step of the day when it starts at rope drop. FOP will not be a 4 minute wait after you get on Na’vi. I didn’t use any plans on our trip almost 2 months ago. I familiarized myself with what to rope drop and what would be busy throughout the day and went from there. The TP plans are a little messed up right now due to the pandemic and G+.


There are adjustments that will be made between now and July that will change the wait time estimates in your plan so I would wait until closer to you day to decide (because that issue may correct itself). I have been doing “evaluate” on my plans every couple of weeks for the last few months and it started low, went weirdly high, and now settled somewhere in the middle for the first steps of the day on pretty much every park. Honestly it’s something to do in the lulls between ADR day etc. :slight_smile:

Haha yes! I’m kind of twiddling my thumbs waiting for 80 days to roll around to pay the final balance on my Magic Tickets, so that they’ll arrive in time for me to add them to my account and book the parks so I can make ADRs! I’m a bit nervous about finding ADRs for 8 people…

I just got back from traveling with a party of 8. We made two reservations of 4 for each ADR (all within 15 mins of each other) and with the exception of BOG CMs were always able to seat us at the same table. The trick is to check in in person, not through the app. In fact, the reason I think that BOG wasn’t able to accommodate us as a table of 8 is that a member of our party didn’t follow instructions :joy: and checked in through the app.

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Oh that’s marvelous, thank you!

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I won ropedrop at AK on Tuesday! We were the first ones on the ride for the day. Be in line for the bus before 7am so you can book your genie+ while waiting and a bus should come a little after 7. (Ours came at 7:05.) The security line started moving at 7:30 and the tap in line started a few minutes before 8. We were the first 20 people at FOP “rope” but went to the far right against the bridge wall - do this. (Also good for watching the character floats as they go by while you wait!) We were off FOP at 8:45 and walked on to NRJ. I know ropedropping this way still involves waiting but I have tried to ropedrop FOP in the past and been not quite early enough and waited in an 1.5 hr line! Worth getting up early imo.

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I try to stay on British time for as long as possible when I get to Florida for that very reason!


Good call!!

We checked in in person at BoG in December as 2 groups of 4, and they would not seat us together either. We were in the West Wing and my sister’s family on the opposite side in whatever that room is actually called.