Overnight Crowd Changes for Marathon Week(end)

Overnight, the crowd calendar projections for Marathon Week dramatically increased. Since this is less than a week out, my wife and I were curious as to any particular reason for this?

The races are not sold out except for the 5K and fastpasses appear to be readily available throughout the week except for the headliner rides.

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Did you see Len’s response on this thread?

Noticed it, too. Animal Kingdom went from a ONE to a NINE yesterday for January 9th. Eight point jump 6 days out!!! We are at AK that day. What is weird is there are still lots of good FP available …like it should be a 2 or a 3??? TP now shows red 9 on crowd calendar with greens all the way across. Hoping it is all a mistake :confused:

I am wondering the same thing.
I booked a last minute trip this week for my birthday next weekend ONLY because the crowd levels were so low. How/why did they change so fast? Just trying to understand.

Basically, they rerun the model monthly. Crowds this fall were a lot higher than they’ve ever been. So the model adjusted everything based on that. It may be that the fall was drawing more people for some reason and that Jan/Feb may be more normal. Or it may be that the fall was the start of a new trend. So Touring Plans is playing it safe and predicting the higher level.