Overly optimistic 2020 planning

I was truly supposed to go on a full two week trip to celebrate the 50th before COVID hit. I event started planning it as far out as TP would let me (365 days).

Looks like my queue time at Tron is going to be a bit longer than 80 minutes this December! (Plus, I assumed MVMCP would be back by now too…lol!)


If you get in line for Tron during your trip and wait, you could be first to ride!

Just make sure you bring enough snacks with you to last several months.


I truly wonder if they are going to delay Tron even after it’s done to let them phase in all the attractions on the books and delay future spending.

GotG is going to open in 2022 as a way to overlap the 50th and Epcot’s 40th. I could then see them bringing the Railroad back online as a “new” attraction in the fall / spring 2022 and then Tron coming summer 2023.

That would give them a couple years of just doing what was already budgeted and see how the revenue streams are doing during/post COVID

idk…just a theory…


I think you’re correct and it makes me want to slam my head into a brick wall.

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