Overlapping reservations and fast passes

My parents are on a separate reservation and they arrive a few days before us. Our trip will overlap for 3 days. We are both staying on property. We are connected to each other’s family & friends list on our MDE accounts. Are my parents able to book OUR fast passes for our overlap dates BEFORE my window opens because we are connected through the family/friends list? Or do we have to wait until our 60 days opens up???

Are your tickets part of a package? If so then everyone has to wait until their own 60 day window opens.

Are they not able to be umbrella-ed in as long as the as everyone is booked on the same FPP ride and time slot?


We went through a TA. We booked the room and told her how many days of tickets. We are not doing a free dining type package.

Can you practice getting FP at 30 days or less right now? If not then you are a package.

Yes as long as tickets are not park of a package. Package tickets are not bookable until the package opens.

Ohhhhhh gotcha - didn’t know about the package rule :+1:

How do I know if it was part of a package?

If you bought them with the room, it’s probably a package.

You can check by seeing if you can make FPs (assuming you are still more than 60 days out). If your tickets are part of a package, until you reach FP day you will get a message saying you don’t have tickets linked. That’s because your tickets aren’t valid to make FP for any other dates. If they’re not part of a package, they can be used at any time so you can make FP for dates within the next 30 days.