Overlapping ADRs

I was able to grab a BOG ADR for 1 at 12:10 and for 4 at 12:50. Are they close enough to overlap for our party of 5?

Someone else may know more, but I don’t think it works that way. Your reservation for 4 is for a four top seating. I don’t think they will add the fifth person to that table as there wouldn’t be room and they wouldn’t have reserved a larger table for your party as it is for only four people.

Not sure.

Seating isn’t a problem, you select your own table for breakfast and lunch. They have large tables and smaller ones; often smaller groups end up sharing a table. It’s more whether they will let the 5th person check in that early.

I would set up a search on the reservation finder for 5.but if all else fails, then I would chance it. Have the 5th person show up at the earlier time and ask nicely if they could enter with the rest of the group.

That is a BIG gap in time - they will likely not let the 12:50 people check in until about 5 minutes before their time, and at that point the 12:10 person would have probably been assessed a no-show fee.

I’d keep trying to modify by adding the 1 to the 4.

I feel like it would be fine if you all checked in around the 12:10 timeframe. I showed up 20 minutes early for lunch before and got right in. It wouldn’t hurt to use the reservation finder to try for a reservation of 5. That way you wouldn’t have to worry, but if you don’t get it I would keep what you have.

That is a big time gap. We had two different ADRs for dinner at BOG each for 4 people and spaced 20 minutes apart. We showed up 10 minutes before the first ADR and we did get seated within about 15 minutes. I’m not sure if that would work with a 40 minute gap though.

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Try calling Disney, once they were able to help me out with a similar situation.

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I think if you all check in at midday, you will be fine, though you’ll probably have to wait a while, maybe over an hour, hopefully if that’s the case you’ll be able to leave and come back later.