Overall Touring Schedule

My family of six is 52 days away from WDW! We have 7 days to experience the Magic and are staying at the Cabins of Fort Wilderness. Our first stay inside the park.

With the help of friendly Liners I have a good touring plan for day 1 of MK. But now I am trying to make sure I have the right mix of parks. Our schedule for spreading the magic is as follows:

Monday 6/8 - MK
Tuesday 6/9 - Epcot
Wed 6/10 - DHS
Thursday 6/11 Typhoon Lagoon
Friday 6/12- AK
Saturday 6/13 - Epcot (day 2)
Sunday 6/14 - MK (day 2)

How does this plan look? Is it a good strategy to spend 2 full days at Epcot or should we spend 2 days at DHS? Any ideas are welcome.

Thank you!

2 full days at Epcot would be my preference. There is so much there, it takes 2 days to see it. HS, on the other hand, doesn’t have very many attractions and can be easily done in 1 day.

I think you’ve got a good balance of days. If you plan DHS carefully you should be able to get everything done in a day and agree that there’s so much more to do in Epcot.

Two full days at EP, most definitely. One day focusing on FW with a few WS things added in, and the second focusing on WS with a few FW things added in. As an example of the latter plan, see http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=911061

Also, are 6/8 and 6/14 your arrival and departure days, or are they full park days?

Finally, check out Park Plan Calculator - it’s a spreadsheet I came up with to help evaluate touring schedules based on the CL predictions.

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Looks spot on to me and what brklinck said about epcot applies. Only thing I’d be aware of is to have a kind of a "rest/rejuvenate " day mid week. Looks like TL will accomplish that. If you’re doing RD every day (or at least most days), make sure to get to bed really early on TL day.

I have found out that jam-packed plans look great (and, well, they are great), but getting enough rest oils the car, so to speak.

Go well; you got it right.

It looks like the consensus is for two full days at EP. Looks like I am on the right track.

6/8 and 6/14 are full days. We arrive in Orlando on 6/7 and depart 6/15.

The spreadsheet is cool. Thanks! I have downloaded it and will load my trip info and see what it reveals.

Are you planning on doing any park stuff on those days, or do your arrival/departure times not allow for it? Spending even a little bit of time on arrival/departure days at MK just to wander around, soak in the magic, and do any rides that catch your fancy can be a great way start and end your trip.

This will be our 3rd trip to WDW. The first was with my DW and first daughter at age 2 in 2007. The 2nd was in 2009. On trip 2 I will always remember how my daughter screamed for joy as we rode in on the monorail and saw Cinderella’s Castle. Child like awe is something to behold. The lady beside us said to her child, " why can’t you be excited like that," It was funny at the time. This trip will take place just a couple weeks after my 10 year wedding anniversary. So we have many reasons to celebrate.

ejj, your advise is well taken. From our previous trips we have learned to pace ourselves; especially with children. So we will take a 3 hour break each day from noon-3. This will give us time to rest during the peak crowd time of the day and then get our 2nd wind in the late afternoon/evening.

brklinck, we have 6 day passes right now so, no extra days to drop in and wander on arrival day. I wonder if Disney would allow us to add extra days. I do know the nominal cost of an extra day is generally small once you get past a 4 day ticket or so.

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Adding extra days is a breeze - just go to Guest Relations. Including tax, it will cost you $10.65 per day.