Overall events calendar

I am not sure if this exists anywhere or if I just haven’t found it yet.
I was trying to find an overall events calendar for Disney for trip planning. As an example, we had a trip booked for February but moved it up a few weeks when we found out that was the Princess Marathon weekend. I know you can find those events on the Disney calendars, but then there other events like Pro Bowl weekend, Cheerleading competitions, the opening of new rides/events, etc that do not show up on those calendars.
Is there any place where all of that information is combined to help with trip planning to avoid some of those events/crowds?

I just used this one today.


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I’m going right before the marathon weekend :weary:

That one seems to have a lot and more than some of the others I found. It would be nice if there was one consolidated with everything - for instance that one doesn’t have the new SWGE ride opening which may bump crowds and other out side of Disney events that bring more people to the area like the Pro Bowl - perhaps it’s because there is just so much going on at one time it might be difficult to have everything.

We arrive on the final day. I’m hoping we miss most of the crowds.

I’m hopeful that people don’t start their trip before the event. But it’s ok. It’s Disney. Even a bad day at Disney is better than a good day anywhere else.

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Most will arrive a couple of days ahead, they have to collect their bibs in person. But not all will be visiting the parks.

I haven’t compared this list to others, but I generally find this site to be comprehensive so maybe it’ll be helpful. https://www.mousesavers.com/walt-disney-world-vacation-discounts-and-deals/disney-world-special-events-festivals-and-parties/

This one has been helpful–> wdwent.com/


We have accidentally gone during marathon before and it really wasn’t bad crowd wise. And it was kind of fun to see the runners going through the parks.

Heard the marathon begins earlier this year- 5:00 AM . So most will be finished running before you get to park. Also heard the run has a greater negative impact on travel to parks than inside parks.

You definitely need to be aware of road closures on marathon (and other race) days if you’re driving. Especially if you’re staying at Contemporary or Bay Lake and were planning to drive anywhere that morning, like for rope drop elsewhere. The resorts will be able to tell you, and there is a warning upon the resort pages. And the Epcot parking lot will also be busy, as will Uber, Lyft and taxis.

Many racers head for breakfast in the parks with their families and supporters afterwards, and stay in the parks until around noon or until they need to get some sleep!