Out of State Annual Pass Holders

I’m thinking about becoming an annual pass holder. Before I take the plunge I wanted to know if those who live out of state feel it is worth it? How often do you go? Do you usually stay on property ect… Pros/Cons. I’m in North Carolina, so a cheap flight or an 8 hour drive away!

Any input to help in my decision is greatly appreciated!!


Well this year I became an OOSAPH (…yeah that acronym sucks… we’ll be abandoning that right now) and so far the thing has paid off in a huge way, though my situation is a little unique.

I took the plunge for a couple of reasons

  1. It opens up the possiblity of sneaking down for a weekend and only needing to rely on flight and lodging.
  2. Food and merch already gets 10% and if you spring for the Tables in Wonderland, I believe the discount ups to 20% for a lot of things (which Tables is only available to DVC and AP Holders, I believe). Work the math though, cause it’ll depend on your situation on whether or not this will work for you.
  3. Room discounts. This one I ended up using sooner than I thought, but it was substanially impressive as it was ALMOST as cheap to stay via DVC Rental.
  4. Memory Maker included. Pointless? Yes. But I was looking to buy it anyway for these next trips, so it’s a nice savings.
  5. Other discounts. There’s a few other discounts you get by being a AP Holder, though none I think are all that remarkable but nice to have.

Overall, with the way things are going this year for me, I feel my AP has already paid for itself and easily one of the best decisions I made in planning. I was able to double my trips down, got really good room rate within 60 days of going, and that doesn’t even touch on the food or merch we’ll be buying once we’re down there.

If you can swing the money, I feel you won’t regret it. Especially if spur-of-the-moment trips down aren’t out fo the realm of possibility.

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I’m in MA and on my 2nd AP (not consecutive though). Plan on utilizing this one more than the first. Had 2 weeklong trips planned for 2018/2019, so it made sense financially for me, taking TIW and Memory Maker into account.
I’ve already booked my 3rd trip (solo 3 days), which only cost $200. Got a PIN for ASMo, booked one leg of flight using points, the other leg cheap flight through Spirit. I plan on getting as much use out of it as possible and stalking hotel prices and flights!!!

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I too am in MA. I do not always have an active AP I usually plan 1-2 longer trips and a couple of three night trips during an AP year.


I live in NH. I took the plunge last September because I was there with my family then, going back for Marathon Weekend in January, and returning this April (23 days!!!). It was worth it. My other family members did not get an AP; I think they would have been “on the cusp” as far as it being a good value.

We do stay on property.

We typically go once a year, sometimes twice (the second being a long weekend). The biggest hurdle for us is airfare, but we are trying to earn as many points as possible with Southwest so as to clear that hurdle more easily :slight_smile:


Do it! You won’t regret it.

I live in Colorado and both my husband and I have annual passes. We go to WDW three to four times a year so the passes pay for themselves after the second trip especially when you include the parking and photopass that are included in the pass. We typically take three long weekend trips (3-4 days) and one longer trip (5-6 days).

We used to stay at the Pop Century but have used Airbnb for the past year and a half because of the price. We got lucky and found a great place for $40 a night run by great people so we have used the same place every time we have gone back. I sometimes miss staying on property but all we really need is a clean bed and warm shower so I’d rather pay $40 per night for that than $100+ per night. Even factoring in a rental car it’s still hundreds of dollars cheaper than staying on property.

Driving from Colorado would take too long so we always fly. Denver is a Frontier hub so we can often get REALLY cheap $80 round trip tickets if we go at off times (Feb and Sept) but usual prices are about $200 round trip. We typically take overnight flights and arrive in Orlando at 6 AM, get some breakfast, and go to the parks. It can make for a rough first day but it’s worth it to get an extra day in.

I was worried when I first got my annual pass that it wouldn’t be worth it but ultimately I was so happy with my pass that we got one for my husband too.

I only wish there was a level of pass that didn’t include the free parking and photopass. Once one member of the family has those options it’s a waste for others to pay for the same options. You don’t need double free parking and double photopass.


I am in PA. It only takes two short trips to break even, not counting food, merchandise, and resort stays. Never thought i would use Photopass but since it is included we use it all the time. It is good to get pictures of my wife and I without trying to out stretch my arm. I have to warn you though, if you buy it you will try to find more excuses to go down. In 2 weeks I will be making my 3rd trip down since December and have already booked Oct and December this year. By the end of this pass I will have logged in just under 50 park days. I always stay on property and can usually find a 30-35% discount off rack rates.

So yes if the numbers are close, get it. I certainly will again.


We live out of state (727 miles away) and have been APHs for 7 years. Obviously we think it’s worth it since we keep renewing. We are also DVC owners so we stay on property. We tend to go 3-5 times per year which makes it worth it. We usually fly because I hate driving (although I think I could handle your 8 hour drive). I will repeat a warning that others have given—having an AP will make you want to go more and you may find yourself rationalizing how “cheap” it will be since you already have the pass.

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From MA, too! On my current AP, I went in June, September, October, December, January, February and scheduled for April and June again. I’ve done a short trip of 3 days, but most are 5 days (Thurs-Monday for cheaper flights). I always stay onsite with either an AP discount, MVT deal or, new for June, a DVC rental. I have a lot of flier miles using Southwest to cut down on the airfare cost. I have certainly used the heck out of it. I plan on re-upping the AP this year, but also will cut back because we’re looking at buying a new house. DS is upset, but I told him 4 trips instead of 6 won’t make a difference!


Thanks everyone for the input! We have A LOT going on right now with a fresh separation, health issues and I really want a Disney outlet for my son and I to just pick up and go. As soon as we’re settled with our “new normal” - I think we are going to invest in our happiness!!


Sorry to hear about your issues, but I’m definitely liking the idea of investing in your happiness!

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