Our WDW Experience May 4-10, 2019

I am finally getting an opportunity to review my WDW May 4-10, 2019 visit.

I thought I’d break down my DD19 and my travelogue by day.

This is a critique of The Boathouse Restaurant and general first time impression of Disney Springs.

Please see my previous post, “First Report on Our Girls’ Trip May 2019” if interested in MCO arrival, Grabbing own luggage, ME and check into POR and overall critique of resort.

The Boathouse (BH):

My DD19 and I originally had a reservation for BH at 10pm for May 4th. I know some of you are thinking 10pm for dinner? We had a late MCO arrival at 7:20pm and wanted to have enough cushion. Well, it wasn’t enough. We had no airline delays or upsets but MCO isn’t easy to navigate (coming from SW gates) and even though we sailed through the ME line, we had to wait a long time for the ME bus to be loaded with others. Staying at POR we were the last (of four resorts) to be dropped off. Enroute we changed our BH ressie to 11pm.

Having finally rolled your own luggage to our POR room and freshened up, we decided to just Uber to DS instead of grabbing the boat transport. As soon as we entered DS, we were hit by how sprawling it was. I am used to DLR Downtown Disney where you can basically walk a straight line from one end to the other with every restaurant and shop to the right or left. We had to check the directory map a couple of times to make sure we were in the right direction.

The interior of the BH was stylish with tables covered in white linen, and plenty of hardwood and nautical brass fixtures. Loved the actual boat in the center of the room. We wanted to sit outside to enjoy the balmy Florida night but it was too late and the exterior tables were closed. The wait staff was attentive but the meal was skimpy and overpriced. Since it was late, we split a meal of fish and fries and lobster bisque. The fish consisted of only 2 smallish pieces and the fires were nothing to write home about. The lobster bisque was yummy. I enjoyed the coconut mojito. Overall, I would recommend Paddlefish for seafood over BH (we went to Paddlefish on 5/10).

After dinner, it was a bit after midnight (9pm our Pacific Time) so we walked around DS all the way to the obvious White Elephant–Cirque de Soliel abandoned colossus.

First impression of DS after midnight…I have never seen so many obviously drunk parents with young over-tired children in tow…it was a sad disturbing sight. I didn’t mind the drunk “frat boys” because that’s par for the course, but the over imbibed parents dancing precariously with their exhausted young kids was just sad…Hopefully, they weren’t driving…

All the shops were closed but it was fun to window shop and keep my shopping-lover teen in check. I really wanted to purchase a really cute green Jungle Cruise T-shirt that was in a shop window. I liked the variety of shops and restaurants and the general architecture of DS. We made a 2nd trip to DS on May 10th for lunch at Paddlefish–Highly recommend. We didn’t have anytime to walk around after lunch because we were short on time. But all I can say is bring a sunhat…we sure were hit by the heat, humidity and lack of shade…yikes!

I look forward to visiting DS at a later date when the shops are open and in cooler weather.