Our Trip Report


Can’t open the doc at work; it may be a blocked site. Will check it out from home…

Ewww! Card in the garbage can. Good thing you had wipes! Looks like a quick but fun trip. Thanks for sharing it.

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Curious to know what your son who complained about everything being baby-ish thought about the trip overall. Was there anything at Magic Kingdom he really liked? Thanks for sharing.

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So DS9 is tough, all he wants to do on vacation is swim. He is extremely high energy and doesn’t like waiting. He did however love BTMRR, Splash and 7DMT, buzz, and the barnstormer. We had a lot of fun on the magic carpets too. He was creeped out by IASW but aren’t we all? He also loves dessert and collecting pins/buying souvenirs. We also did the pressed pennies.

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Great report – loved the pictures. Thanks!

(What’s IASW?)

It’s a smal world = IASW

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Oh! I’m so thick! :tired_face: