Our trip 8/18-8/26

I so loved reading trip reports before we left for ours. I don’t think I’ll have time to write a full one or that it would be all that interesting but I will write some of my observations/thoughts.

First some background:
-This trip included myself, DH, DD2,DD4months, my two sisters, and my parents
-While we went to Disneyworld every year when I was growing up, this was our first time back in 6yrs. And my first time with children.

Ok thoughts:
-As a child we always visited at the end of Aug. lower crowds and we didn’t start school until September. I’m not sure if my memory is blocking it out, but the heat and humidity never seemed this unreal before!
-The Bon Voyage breakfast was delicious. Not your typical breakfast items, but they will customize for you. The character interaction was great.
-The walk from Boardwalk to DHS was a bit harder than I expected (again that sun was brutal!)
-Nav’i River Journey is not one of disney’s best. While beautiful, it is quite boring and doesn’t have a plot line. If you have a FP+ and haven’t ridden it you should go for it, but otherwise I’d skip it.

  • FOP on the other hand was AMAZING! I was afraid the hype was going to be a let down but it really is that good. Once you experience it, you understand why some are waiting 2+ hours to ride.
  • Boma breakfast was one of our favs. Not too expensive and some tasty options.
  • We ate at Coral Reef for the first time and we were unimpressed. It’s expensive and the food didn’t really reflect the price. Now I will say that some of our experience may have been due to DD2 having her only real MELTDOWN of the trip. I’d say that may have ruined it for anyone around us as well. So sorry!
  • We did one day at Universal and purchased express pass so we could get as much done as possible. Express Pass is no FP! While it did save time for sure, you are joined so early into the reg line queue that we still spend 30 min waiting for some rides. Needless to say, we did not get too much accomplished.
    -The boat ride from POFQ to Disney Springs is a slowww go. And it only stops in one location at DS which can make getting to an ADR on time a little stressful. It was a relaxing ride, but if you’re in a rush, drive.
  • Chef Mickeys is not what it used to be( and I mean like 15-20 years ago). The buffet selections are now fewer and the character interaction is not all that great and felt rushed. There are so many places to meet the fab five, that I probably wouldn’t do CM again unless it was renovated.
    -Fantasmic needs updating and is a bit too much for a 2yr old. Sitting off to the side definitely takes something away from the show.

All in all it was a great trip (though exhausting and did I mention HOT?). Can’t wait to start planning the next one. Hopefully Dec 2018 (just working on DH :wink:) Thanks to anyone who answered my many questions while I was planning!


My parents just got back, they were offsite and couldn’t get FP for FoP so I told them to get one for NRJ. They were thoroughly unimpressed and thought I should have told them to skip it!!

I’m surprised by your Ex Pass experience. You are supposed to wait 1/3 of standby. Early Aug last year when crowds were still pretty high we rarely waited more than 10 minutes for anything. Most times we walked straight on.

Thanks for sharing!

It’s possible we just happened to have a busy day at universal. But I was surprised too. We ended up just doing Minions, RRR, Spiderman, escape from gringotts, Hogwarts express, and hulk

That’s not too bad considering you have small children and just one day.

I cannot imagine how you only managed 6 rides with express pass at universal in a day?

What time did you enter the park?

With a reasonably early entry and a plan you could ride double that amount of rides easily by mid afternoon IMO?

express pass makes universal and IOA easy even on busy days IMO

We entered the park around 9:15 and left around 2:30. On two rides (minions ad escape from gringotts) we took turns riding (two groups). We walked at a pretty fast pace and only had snacks while members of our group were on rides so no stopping in between rides.