Our reservations for Be Our Guest

We have reservations for BOG for breakfast on Thanksgiving. We have tried to get it for dinner but haven’t had much luck. Would you keep the breakfast time or shoot for another reservation. We also have Crystal Palace reserved as well. Can’t decide. :confused:

Is you CP and BOG reservation for the same time? I know eating in the castle is special but I would set up the maximum reservation finder searches for two other BOG times (one lunch and one dinner) and if nothing comes through go to CP. CP is beautiful and for not much more money you have a greater choice of food plus characters!

Well I thought I had reservations for CP, but I just have it on reservation finder. I will try and set up for CP for breakfast and then shoot for lunch/dinner and see what happens. My DD really wanted lunch at BOG, but we just weren’t real sure how realistic it would be to get being that it’s Thanksgiving day. Thanks for your help.

How did you manage to get them set up at the same times, or are they an hour+ apart?

Sometimes on my phone app it has allowed me to book two reservations at the exact same time. Sometimes it does not work- sometimes it does.