Our Plans week of Thanksgiving

So I have printed off the TP for each park and we are doing the 2 day plan for MK. I am going to list out the days we are doing what in hopes you all can help or offer any other suggestions. We are also staying at the Boardwalk Inn.

Mon Day 1 - Hollywood Studios Dinner - Tokyo Dinning
Tues Day 2 - MK - Brunch Chef Mickey’s
Wed Day 3 - AK - Tusker House - lunch
Thurs Day 4 - MK - Breakfast BOG :frowning: We are still hoping for a lunch/dinner option (Via Napoli for dinner in case we do not get BOG
Fri Day 5 - Epcot - The Garden Grill dinner

We are traveling with 3 kids ages 16, 13, and 7. I get really confused with the whole FP thing as well. What events at night would we need a FP for? What do we not want to miss while there for Thanksgiving?

Any advice and tips are greatly appreciated especially with regards to FP.

Thanks in advance!

We are also very sad that Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas is not happening during that week.

I assume you have park hoppers, since Day 1 you are at Hollywood Studios and Epcot (Tokyo Dining is at Epcot), and Day 4 you are at MK but want Via Napoli for dinner at Epcot?

Yes we do have park hoppers and we are staying near Epcot so that’s why we chose those as well.

Traveling between HS and EP is so easy! Do you have the VN ADR as a back up? I do not think there are any night time shows right now that you need a FP for. If you are doing AK at night you may want to book jungle book just in case it is RoL by the time you take your trip. Wishes, MSEP, and the Star Wars fireworks viewing are all pre-booked dining or special events.

Yes VN is a back up for now. Not much available at all right now that we are seeing anyways. You have to have dining to see Wishes, MSEP, SW???

You need to do the dessert parties to get the special viewing areas for the SW fireworks or Wishes. They built special ;FP viewing areas for Wishes and then converted it to an extra dessert party area.

They are booking a lunch package at Tony’s for the special MSEP viewing area (former FP area).

You can find areas in the parks to view these but you will not get FPs fora them.

@Micheleblanton We have a Thanksgiving BOG lunch reservation at 11:30 (party of 10), but wish we had an 8am BOG breakfast. I wonder if there is any way we can trade?!

Our BOG reservation is only for a party of 5.