Our Plan

Got all top FP except Splash Man. Why does my plan have me going to Jungle Cruise, POC and then Splash? I thought it would rope drop it?

I know I can force it also.

When are you going? In the cold weather months, lines for Splash can be delightfully short so if you can handle the chill, it can be a walk-on or near enough. Obviously this varies a lot due to weather but the typical Floridians appetite for water rides just isn’t there if the temperature is in the 70s. The line for Jungle Cruise can get ridiculously long at the wrong time of day. We’ve had a lot of luck riding it in the last hour the park is open though…


Here are the predicted wait times for 3/4 for each of the rides in question. You can adjust dates in the link if you’re actually going on 3/5, although I’d guess the results would be similar (I didn’t look at them all though).

Splash: https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/attractions/splash-mountain/wait-times/date/2019-03-04
Jungle: https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/attractions/jungle-cruise/wait-times/date/2019-03-04
Pirates: https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/attractions/pirates-of-the-caribbean/wait-times/date/2019-03-04

And here’s a handy master list for all of MK on 3/4 showing wait times at 10-1-4-7 for all rides:

Splash is a shorter wait at 10AM than Jungle which might be why your plan has you ordered that way. It could also be walking dependent if you have the walking less option checked in your plan as doing Jungle then Pirates then Splash minimizes steps well. My take would be to hit Splash before 10AM though - as long as your plan has you doing that it should be good…

Thanks so much!

Splash Mountain is normally not a high priority before 10:00, and I was the case on our trip last year 02/28 to 03/03.

People will go to BTMR before Splash Mountain.

Between the three rides, I would definitely go Jungle Cruise first, and then PotC-Splash or the other way around.

Thanks, we’ll stick to the touring plan then