Our neighbor suggested a touring plan

DH was at the neighbor’s house the other day while I was at work and they were talking about Disney. He told him his touring plan for MK. He said “go on that main street, do you know where that is? Go all the way down that main street and then take a left and head straight to Frontierland. Do all of the rides there, then after that, you just have to wait in line for the rest of the day”. :joy: Oh, boy, I am the planner, not DH, but he knew that was not a good plan! LOL I’ll have to direct them here if I hear they are planning another trip!


I could have saved on buying the UG and this subscription by just listening to your neighbor. sigh


We were also talking to another friend about height requirements, DS is probably just missing 44" and he was saying what attractions he’ll miss right as I was saying it, and mentioning AoA details as I was too. DH said he was thinking our friend was wasting his breath! :joy:

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