Our Last and Longest Hurrah: Holidays 2022 Trip Report

You are absolutely right, I shouldn’t leave details out. I felt like I was complaining a bit much and maybe you guys didn’t want to hear anymore of that garbage. So, our morning at DS. I went with the goal of doing the Christmas tree map and enjoying a Joffrey’s. We got off the bus and made our way to the World of Disney area, never seeing a map location. Asked a cm who said, “Oh, just go to any register to get one.” After waiting in a considerable line (it was Saturday, folks. Don’t do DS on a Saturday) we were met with a “I have no idea what you are talking about lady.” I’ll explain my frustration a little more by adding that in 2019 the trees were all together, kind of like a tree lot, with a kiosk to buy treats and special merch, and it snowed while you strolled and ooohed and aaahed. Some proof.

So much more fun, so much easier, so not happening this year. I gave up on the trees and headed to the nearest Joffrey’s which turned out to sell only smoothies. ?? :unamused:?? Okay, Starbucks it is, where I acquired an iced peppermint mocha AND a venti pink drink and high tailed it to the busses.

Now for the wrap up. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, somehow this was our longest ever Disney trip and it felt like the shortest! We got so much done and tried so many new things all, GASP without G+ or ILL. Remy, Frozen, PP, Jingle Cruise, 7DMT, the Han Solo ride, MMRR. It was absolutely wonderful to not pay Disney to set alarms and be slave to my phone all day.

The Christmas Party was a big letdown and I won’t do it again. We’ve been going to Disney for 30 years, we’ve done special events, and that one just wasn’t special. Why in the world couldn’t they have the holiday overlays every night? A broken cookie and inch of apple cider I had to stir with my finger? Pass. Not one flake of snow. And being yelled at every five minutes to show my wristband did not feel special at all.

The two tours we took were definite highlights and we would absolutely do again. Both the Caring for Giants and Behind the Seeds were fun and informative, but also inexpensive!

The Grand Floridian was a big disappointment. A lot of money for an average room and the not making the bed or cleaning things is getting real old. Again, I say this after having spent fantastic stays at the Contemporary, Coronado Tower, Beach & Yacht and AK Lodge all before Covid. A lot of the “magic” has not returned and it could, but Disney knows we will spend the same money for less return.

Now we are coming up on our AP renewal and debating whether to keep them or not. Big changes are coming and they won’t benefit the consumer, that’s for sure. I hope we can renew, I hope we can go back, but there is a part of me that doesn’t want to do either with Disney in it’s current state. One thing is for sure, I have enjoyed sharing our adventures here and will continue to enjoy reading everyone else’s. You guys are the best!


Had the EXACT same thing happen to me at Beach Club. They acted like I was straight up trash trying to bring down the whole establishment with my shenanigans.


I greatly enjoyed reading about them! I love your sense of humor.


I wouldn’t have said anything if you hadn’t already expressed your disappointment, but … the room as depicted in your photos looks fussy and dated to me.

I so, so agree. The best part of hotel life is having someone else make my bed.


Thanks for reviewing these; I’m keeping them in mind for future visits and probably wouldn’t have thought about them otherwise. :grinning: