Our experience with room requests and ticket upgrades

Hello! Here at AoA and found answers to a couple questions that have floated around in the ether for a while.

  1. We made a room request at AoA that basically looked like this:
    “Bldg 4, Flr 2 or 3 please. If poss, prefer W facing, in S wing (e.g. 46xxx… and I listed some room numbers).”
    When we arrived on DME at 11 am we were met by a CM who knew exactly who we were, and he had his iPad out and said, “So, we see you had some room requests.” He spent some time on his earpiece phone and it was clear that the room assignment person was trying to figure out the numbers/south/west aspects of the request. So I said, “We just wanted to be off the 1st floor, facing away from the pool, in the wing closer to animation hall, if it’s easy to accommodate.” And he said, “Oh, that’s way easier than working with specific room numbers.” And then asked his earpiece, “Anything in Nemo facing the Cars area, 2nd or 3rd floor?” And then we got the perfect room. (I felt bad for the poor CM who was clearly working hard to accommodate what seemed to them a fairly complicated request.)
  1. Ticket upgrade. One party member had Undercover Tourist procured MYW/PH 6-day that we wanted to upgrade to 7-day WP&M. Did this last visit and it took 30 minutes and a supervisor. Did it this afternoon at AK Guest services (on our 2nd park day) and it took under 4 minutes. CM just said, “just have to do a quick ticket adjustment (which was just the swap from UT ticket to reg MYW ticket) … ok… and… that’ll be $38 please”. :slight_smile:

Do you make your fax request through TP then add that info at the bottom where the “comment” section is? Sounds like it worked either way :wink: ps… We love AoA!

Yes. We didn’t state any preferences in online check-in, just had TP send the fax. I edited the fax in the short text box area describing the room we wanted. In the area down below I just said it was a request not a need, thanks for trying if possible to accommodate.
I remember every day why I love AoA so much!

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Thanks! I never know what to add in the text box!!! Glad you had a great trip!!!