Our Do-Over *SURPRISE* Christmas Trip

We decided, in early spring, we would do a quick family trip just before Christmas. We went last Christmas as a group of 16, and it left DH in a stupor when we returned. DH had planned and planned and replanned for over 3 years. But, with that many people trying to move around at the busiest time was NOT an easy (or smart) task. The poor guy didn’t even want to discuss our trip, let alone start planning our next one. So, when life got flip, turned upside down early this year, he decided we would do a SURPRISE family trip with just us and our daughters.

So, here we are! Our three DDs (9/5/3) have NO idea we will be at The Magic Kingdom tomorrow. We counted down the days to a ‘Mizzou football game in Florida’. I’m not a good liar (which isn’t a bad thing, but it can make keeping such a big surprise a secret!), so I had to take DH lead on our strategy. So far, so good. We flew in today, and I had on Mickey attire, our bags are Mickey and Minnie, face masks all Disney, so I had to field a few questions but I think I have kept the girls from any thoughts of WDW.
We are hoping to get a memorable reaction from them. Perfect World- we get all the way to the parking lot and they realize it’s THE CASTLE over the lagoon! I’m not going to promise a live report (again, we have a 5 and a 3 yr old), but I will do updates and I think Mr.Cremer (DH) is going to do wait times.
See you real soon!


What fun! You must be staying off site, or the jig would already be up. Those little girls are in for a big surprise tomorrow! Hope you get a pic of their faces!

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That’s awesome. I hope you have a great time.

Cannot wait to hear about this trip

But Missouri plays Mississippi State tomorrow in Starkville. Hail State!

Have fun! I know it’ll be a blast!


Have so much fun!!!

We stayed off site the first day. We are staying at AKL in Kadani Village. We didn’t go to the resort until we were done with MK.

it’s a small world