Our Day by Day Trip Report - The trip that came just in time

Ahhh, makes sense. Thats a crazy wait time still!

As POFQ is also our HOME and we also were moved to CBR i can relate to the walking. However I must say we got used to it, and with the convenience of the skyliner we really ended up loving it at CBR.


So this day got out of hand in terms of crowds. If too many people make you nervous, do not do Universal on a weekend. Yikes!

We headed out at about 2 pm, with only a single ride on the train for the day. But we have Southwest check in at 5, and dinner at Ale & Compass at 7. Yes, back to Disney one…more…time!


Wow looks like a normal
Day there!

So we finished this day with a wonderful dinner at Ale & Compass. The Parker House rolls are delicious!

Tomorrow is our last day and our flight leaves at 5 pm. We have a day left on our Universal tickets, and plan to waste some time before the flight at the parks. But don’t have strong hopes for many rides, if at all. It’s almost time to say goodbye to FL.


Some park is better than no park! :grin:

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Hope you have a great last day!!!
Crazy how the crowds built yesterday compared the the day before!!
Good choice to bail out when you did!! These strange days you’re definitely better safe!
Loving all the photos!! You even snuck one in without your mask!!
Glad dinner was good, rolls look tasty!
Safe travels home tonight!!

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Just pics today. Enjoying the last day while we can.


My guess (as I’ve seen this happen too many times on this ride) was a protein spill as people were getting off the ride and they needed a clean up - so not likely to be an actual ride break down. Shocking how many folks hold it in until the end and as soon as they get on the moving walkway to exit give up and let it all out. I would love and hate to be a TM on this attraction.


Thanks - that makes sense! It’s amazing to me that more people don’t have the same reaction as me to this ride (:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:), but it makes sense that some do!

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More pics around the park. We’re waiting now for the next Bourne Stuntacular. Haven’t seen this one yet. Saw Horror Makeup Show last year and like it, so figured we would give this a try.


Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Orlando. We had a good run this week, but my own bed sounds great right about now.

MCO feels much emptier than in the past, especially for a Sunday afternoon.

We might be back in Dec with my kids. We will see if we can manage. Until next time, goodbye FL!


As promised, here’s my take on post Covid Universal Parks…

  1. Universal is taking the same measures as Disney to ensure safety, such as temp checks, social distancing, facd masks, etc.
  2. Universal is allowing neck gaiters.
  3. Just like Disney, you are going to run into people that just don’t care. We saw a lot more non-compliance at Universal than even our worst days at Disney. People were blatantly walking around without masks at Universal and didn’t correct it until team members said something.
  4. Capacity at these parks feels a LOT higher than at Disney. The weekends are just impossible, but weekdays made for easy rides and touring.
  5. Line markers seemed less confusing than at Disney, but maybe that’s because there were less of them.
  6. Mobile ordering here is a bit different, but I liked it better than Disney. Here, you order whenever you want, and don’t push the order to the cooks until you are seated in the restaurant. There were two instances in Disney where our order was ready and we were allowed inside, but we struggled to find an empty table. Universal will seat you and bring your food to your table. No one was wondering around the restaurant, looking lost or confused, or looking for a place to sit. Much better here.
  7. Park hours were shorter during the week than the weekends. We didn’t realize the longer hours on the weekend and ended up showing up late both days.
  8. Universal will utilize virtual queue ONLY on some rides on the weekends only. Hagrids, minions, mummy all had virtual only on Sat and Sun, this why we should have checked the hours and got there at open. They do not advertise ANY of this.
  9. You are now required to show your ID every time you enter the parks, and it must match your ticket, since the fingerprint scanners are disabled. We stood behind many a person who had to dig their ID out at the entrance, because again, it us NOT advertised anywhere.
  10. There are no cleaning cycles because Universal forces you to use hand sanitizer before every ride. And they use a distillery sanitizer, so your hands will smell like grain alcohol. It’s horrible, but you get no choice if you want to ride. And other dispensers after the rides are few and far between. It was easy to find them at Disney, but you might need to bring your own to Universal if you like to sanitize after rides as well.

Overall, both places felt as safe as the parks could make them. Disney and Universal both have tried really hard to make you feel good about being there. None of the magic was lost, but it does feel “different”. It all really depends on your comfort with “other people”. You will run into a lot of people trying to cheat the new rules, trying to argue with the rules, or just not caring about how they make those around them feel. My sister and I did feel uncomfortable at times, but were able to adapt to a comfortable level by moving away, or removing ourselves from the situation. If you don’t think you can adapt, or even cope with those brief moments that can feel a little unsafe, then don’t come to any park right now. It’s just best to wait it out.

That’s all I’ve got for this trip. I hope you all enjoyed following along. For a good week, I got to escape reality and that was a welcome thing.


We only ordered QS twice on our August trip to WDW. One was Docking Bay 7 and they handled it much like Universal. When we got our food, they showed us to a table. No searching. The other was Pecos Bill’s and we had to search out our own table. Luckily it was not crowded.

It’s been fun following along! Glad you and your sis had a good time. Loved your masks!


More great photos!! Looks really cloudy, are you staying dry??
Bummer about the mask non-compliance.
Thanks for the Universal summary!
Nice to not have to deal with a crowded airport.
Hope you are able to make it back in December.
While you’re waiting, come on over to the Daily Open Thread :smile:
Thanks so much for taking us along!!
Safe travels home!!!


Thank you for the trip report! I loved all of your masks, but the “Worst. Pandemic. Ever.” one was brilliant!


thanks for sharing your trip and the summary!

Thanks for the report! It was great to read along and see how things went for you. There were a lot of great details that you mentioned…good to know for our trip next week!

About Universal and the ID’s: do you know how they were handling kids? I know you didn’t have kids with you, but you might’ve seen another group. :slight_smile: Thanks!

IDs are only requested for those who are 18 and older. Of course, this isn’t directly enforceable I suppose, since they don’t know who is actually 18 or not.

When we were there, there wasn’t a single ride that didn’t have dispensers after you got off. Usually at least two dispensers, mounted on the walls, etc. If on the rare occasion one was out, the other had sanitizer.

We had technical difficulties at Universal, which made it a huge pain. And it wasn’t just me. My DS22 had the same issues. That is, it would say that there was a problem processing the card and the order wouldn’t go through. And if you retried, it would say the same thing. But each time you actually tried, the processing of the card was actually successful and we ended up with multiple charges on our card for orders that they couldn’t process. In the end, we had to go and have them manually take the order at a register. I ended up with on the order of $400 in false charges on my credit card that took about 8 days before they finally disappeared.

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That’s awful about the charges on your card. We didn’t have any issues with paying on the mobile orders at either Disney or Universal. But I can see that would be frustrating.

I did see sanitizer dispensers at the exits to some rides, but many were hard to find. Sometimes it was just hard to get past all the people to get to the one dispenser, or if you walked too quickly, it was already behind you. I personally liked that Disney had them everywhere. I knew that if I missed the one coming out of the ride, another wouldn’t be hard to find at a nearby stand or store. Universal didn’t seem to have that.

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