Our 2020 Trip Just Got Bumped to 2021

Circumstances outside our control has bumped our trip from this Nov to next Nov. Our kids will be 5 and 2 instead of 4 and 1 so I know that will work in our favor, but I’m worried about increased crowd levels and costs with the 50th anniversary. And obviously very bummed to add another 365 days to our trip countdown. Guess I should go cancel our hotel reservation now. :confused:

Maybe it will be easier to get on Ratatouille if the Guardians ride is open? Anybody have any other silver linings I can add to my list?

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Reasons for the change aside, this is almost exactly what happened to us for our Halloween 2018 trip that became our Halloween 2019 trip. Boys would have been 2 and almost 4 but were 3 and almost 5. It really sucked having to wait. But it gave me more time to figure out the best plan for them as they matured (and grew almost 4 inches) that year. DW and I have no doubt that the trip was better in every way than if we had gone the year before. I’m sorry you had to postpone. I know what that is like. But your trip will be amazing when it happens.

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I’m so sorry you had to postpone! We have had trips go not as planned and they were still wonderful! If you already bought your park tickets they will probably be cheaper than a year from now! Good luck!

@Sandyh No park tickets yet.

@JordanRunner We’ve barely just met our little one so waiting a year will give us time to see his interests develop and he will definitely enjoy the trip more at 2. My parents have a big home repair expense to deal with this year so hopefully they will both be able to join us now with an extra year to save.

Simultaneously loving and hating all these trip reports!

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