OUAT after dessert party

I purchased the plaza garden view dessert party for HEA in June. Are we allowed to stay put and watch OUAT from the same spot or do we have to clear out and find a new spot for the second round of fireworks that night?

Yes you can stay and watch- it’s a perfect spot!

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What is OUAT? I thought HEA was the last show of the day?

Once Upon a Time - castle projection show, no fireworks.

Check to see if OUAT if scheduled before HEA. When I went last August, it was before HEA so we left the dessert party a little earlier to catch it from our garden view.

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I went twice. Once it was before and we went out early to go watch it. Other time it was after and we could stay and watch from there, but the did open the gates so anyone could come in and watch it.

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