OT: Need Tampa help!

Have one afternoon/evening in Tampa, Friday June 23rd. Flight arrives at noon, in a course all weekend so Friday my only chance to explore and adventure. Love watermarks.
I’m thinking Adventure Island? Possibly Busch Gardens?
If Adventure Island, should I go for the afternoon, or head there in the evening (they’re open until 10 pm)?
Or do something else entirely? Help me peeps!

I haven’t heard of Adventure Island, but I love Busch Gardens so I’d probably go there.

It’s the Busch Gardens waterpark. Looks super fun. How crowded will Busch gardens be? I don’t have any sense of crowd and visit strategy relative to WDW. A tiny part of me is tempted to rent a car and drive the hour to WDW… :wink:

Love Busch gardens. Wait times are a fraction of wdw. We did Busch on Easter monday and only wait over 30 mins was cheata hunt. The white tigers are amazing and they sometimes have Friday night events /bands playing. Its very relaxed compared to wdw .Silver backed gorilla walk through is my dd fav. Safari isnt as good as AK though.

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