Osborne Lights?

So I’ve heard mixed rumors about there being Osborne Lights this year at HS. What do you guys think? We are going the last week of Nov/first part of Dec and generally HS is not our favorite, but I LOVE Osborne Lights so I will need to plan time to see them…

I don’t see how that area is under heavy construction. They would have to reimagine the lights in a big way to make it work.

That is what I was thinking but then I saw on another forum that people think they are having Osbourne Lights, so I figured I’d check here with the oh so wise liners

Well I am for sure not the “all knowing liner” on this topic :wink: maybe someone else has more to add.

As far as I have heard, the lights have been returned to the Osborne family. The Osborne lights, as we knew them, will not return.