Osborne Dessert Party or Fantasmic?

Hey everyone,

We’ll be at Hollywood Studios on 11/12 this year. We’d like to do the Osborne Lights Dessert Party (since it’s the last year), but would also like to see Fantasmic. We’ve got 2 small kids with us (4 and 5). What do you recommend?

Osborne Lights. Kids that age often do not enjoy F! As you mention, this is the last year for the Lights and you can see F! the next time you go to WDW.

This is great advice. Thanks for that. Just booked the reservations for the dessert deal. Looking forward to it!

Before the MDE went batshiz crazy today 10.14 it said the dessert party lets you come & go? So if that is the case, couldn’t you just do a light dessert party and head over to Fantasmic. The lights come on at 6, right? And the party is at 7? so then F! is what; at 9?

Haha. You’re awesome and hilarious.

Yes, I think the dessert party is come and go, so we could possibly do both. I know that Fantasmic gets crowded quick and, ideally, we’re there 45 minutes ahead (6:15) and since I’m paying a pretty penny for the dessert deal, I’d to not rush. That said, if it’s pretty lame, off to Fantasmic we go.

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:slight_smile: I really think it could be done!! 2 hours is a long time for a dessert party, isn’t it? no fireworks or parade. You’re just sitting there in a diabetic coma risking a seizure from the flashing lights. Bring a tupperware, stuff some sweets in it, grab the commemorative blanket and be out in a hour/ninety minutes tops! :slight_smile: Oh and ask how long the sweets cart is open, with the late close on HWS you could come back for a few eclairs after F! ha!

The come and go sounds good, Show up have a plate, wander, go back for another nibble, wander some more, nibble before you leave.

I just booked the party for me!! I will be solo and I figure this is my first and only time with the lights, I will make the most of it.

I have also never done a dessert party before and this will be my second in two nights as the night before I have a private dessert party at Epcot for my niece’s wedding. But why not enjoy things. I love christmas, so I intend to absorb the lights.

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This Liner has littles with her. I would not push it like that. Pick the one that you think is best for your kiddos and play it be ear. I think the party sounds like a fun thing to do. Little guys can take it all in without being squeezed by crowds too. If they have their fill and you can get to F!..bonus!

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ABSOLUTELY! I’m just being a clown with her!! although semi-serious!! But absolutely she should do what is easiest for her situation.

We’ll certainly play it by ear. The kids will be the tealeaves and we’ll just have to take their cue.

By the way, I’m a guy. Kind of honored I came across as a mom.

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I believe it was the end of your user name “chick” that threw me. It is good though, to embrace the dark side, err I mean your feminine side. :wink: