Orlando Ticket Connection

Anyone had positive or negative experiences with Orlando Ticket Connection? I’m looking to buy tickets for our first trip in late August, and OTC has them a little cheaper and with an option for an e-ticket, which gives me one less thing to lose/forget on the flight down. Undercover Tourist seems to be universally well-regarded, so I’m willing to pay a little extra and deal with physical tickets to avoid the risk of something dodgy. However, the convenience of e-tickets (and a little savings) would be nice. Thoughts?

Given that OTC is one of the vendors that is in the TP ticket price calculator, I trust them. I figure that @Len and co would have done their due diligence before putting OTC in their system.

I’m curious to know that as well. They have they best price on Uni E-tickets and seem to be reputable but we’ve had hardly any users report their experiences with them. I’d love to hear too!