Orlando Flex Ticket

I find Universal’s website to be confusing regarding ticket prices. I am trying to find out if I can purchase the 5-Park Orlando Flex Ticket, but still purchase the Universal Express Unlimited Pass for the days we plan to spend at Universal. Phone rep says it’s not possible. Has anyone done this?

Yes. Who are you buying your flex tix from? Exp passes are only sold direct from universal no 3rd party vendors have access. It is totally sep from entry ticket not linked to entry in any way. Your oprions are buy then from Uni web site in advance or buy on the day in park. There are diff combinations of exp pass available also. 1park or 2park then unlimited exp rides or 1exp entry per ride.

Yes you can. But you have to know the universal days because price fluctuated with crowd level. Easier to buy in park, there is no savings for buying ahead of time.