Orlando Flex Ticket - The Hogwarts Express

If I buy the Orlando Flex Ticket at www.undercovertourist.com will I be able to ride the Hogwarts Express? Or do I need a specific park-to-park ticket?

Yes you can ride its very similar to the 14 day ticket we get in UK . Very good value if spending more than a week . It has unlimited entry for 14 days to all parks listed so think of it as being a hopper. You can visit 1 or all 5 in one day for each of your 14 days.

HE requires park to park tickets. So, if you have that, sure, HE is doable.

Thanks for the replies.

Also, do you know if universal express passes are personal? Or can they be switched between different persons in a group?

The ones you buy never used to have photo so could be swapped but that might have changed ( not that I would condone it) The hotel ones are personal and cant be switched.