Orlando 3-Week Itinerary

Hey guys, I need your help with something. So all the new attractions in Orlando are finally gonna be opening, I was thinking of spending a month in Orlando this next summer. Problem is, there is so much to do in Orlando that I wanted to ask your help to create an itinerary. I am thinking of going to all of them. All 6 Disney parks (5 and 6 being the Water Parks), All 3 Universal parks (the third being Volcano Bay), all 4 Seaworld parks (Seaworld, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, and Busch Gardens), and Kennedy Space Center and Legoland and other attractions like Icon Park, Fun Spot and that stuff.

Thank you,
John Maia


Jealous. What do you specifically need help with?

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Again I’m only thinking and planning about it. I still haven’t bought tickets yet. I’m trying to make a detailed itinerary and that’s what I need help with. I know it’s tough to do almost everything in Orlando but I want to at least try.

I think it is totally do-able John and I second @jennyturin : jealous. Do you plan on all seaworld, then all uor, then all WDW for example? Or mix things up?

Are you gonna move around hotels or stay in one location? NASA is on my bucket list…hoping you’ll do a trip report! :slight_smile:

I would at least consider staying on-site in a Deluxe for the Universal Studios if it’s within budget to get those EP. But also, I can see the value in a nice rental or something for that long of a stay so you can cook, etc. for yourself. And then you can alternate where you go different days. I wouldn’t do two long drives back to back like if you’re gonna do the 1-1.5 hour drive to NASA one day, I wouldn’t drive to Busch Gardens the next since those are your two farthest considerations. I would also plan some down days with that long of a stay for just some pool time.

*You could do Universal at the beginning or end so you could get the deluxe hotel benefits and then stay in a rental the rest too.

I’m mixing things up @quicha. And @jennyturin, I’m staying in the same location. I thought it would be great at first but it’s too stressful. And yes, for sure, I’ll add rest days. That’s why this is 3 weeks and not 2.

it’s too stressful to stay in one location or to switch locations?


That is sorta my plan but I wasn’t planning on going in the summer or to all of those parks. Summer is so, so hot and humid. I wilted the last time I was in FL for 18 days during the summer (10 days WDW parks, 3 days Disney waterparks, 1 day Universal, 1 day Kennedy, and a few rest days in there). The heat was oppressive and made me tired.

Have you been to any of those parks before? Are you going solo? Do you want to do every attraction? I think a day in each park should, for the most part, be adequate. Plan down time.

To switch. Why would it be stressful to stay in the same place for 3 weeks lol?

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I know but sadly, I’m a highschooler. I live two hours away from Orlando and yes, I’ve been to some of these parks and sadly, yes I know summer crowds are terrible. I want to do every attraction, but again it’s really hard to do it all, cause besides the theme parks, u also got I-Drive, Fun Spot, Gatorland, Boggy Creek, all that stuff. That’s why I changed it to 3 weeks and not 2. It’s enough time to have rest days, and hopefully, do everything.

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We are spending 3 weeks in Orlando Dec 2022 into Jan 2023. Staying 4 nights at Deluxe Universal over Christmas to get the Express pass and then moving to Windsor Hills for 18 nights to do the Disney parks, and a day each at Legoland, Discovery Cove and Kennedy (maybe 2 at Kennedy). Not planning on doing SeaWorld or Busch Gardens though. Wanted a ‘home base’ rather than do a hotel shuffle and we can cook some food in the condo. Sounds like you have an amazing trip planned!

Same here. I’m thinking of either getting a villa or staying at i don’t know, maybe Cabana Bay