Original Soarin....Can anyone book?

I have been on since 7 but its showing no passes available for the beginning of June!

Same here!

Just got 9:20!!!

That would be 9:20 on the 28th.

I got 10:30 on 6/8. There was a choice of times available using app.

It showed no availability when 7:00 hit, but by 7:45 it was showing times. I was able to grab a 9:00 AM one for 5/29 a few minutes ago.

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I was able to book 2:45 on 5/28!

I started this morning at 5:00 AM Central time trying to get into FPP… At around 7:30 central time I was finally able to load the FPP page and after refreshing a few times the choice for Soarin was available for our June 13 date! It worked perfectly to change our FPP to Soarin and then we can go to our lunch ADR at The Garden Grill. I love when a plan comes together! My family does not understand why this is a victory for me, but I know you all will understand! Good luck with your plans too!