Organizing threads?

Is there a way to click on "topic" "category" "post count" "likes" etc and have it bring the total highest number to the top, currently on the iPad it just puts the highest "replies" on the top @Lentesta

I'm using laptop after giving up on my iPad. This is absolutely not an iPhone app wink

Highest total # of what? You can click on 'latest' or 'new' to see the most recent posts (Original Threads). Anything with a # in a circle is something you haven't seen yet that you have either started, commented on or bookmarked.

I know on the desktop version, if you go into a category, you can sort by views, replies, likes, etc.

OK, tested this on my laptop and you can click on the descriptions to organize I guess just not on the IPad.

Yeah, I think it removes them in mobile, to save space.