Ordering ticket cards

When my parents bought their tickets they chose the email option instead of physical ticket cards. Can they change this easily? If they don’t get cards mailed, can they take care of it at the hotel when they arrive or will they need to go to a park entrance?

I think GS or a ticket window at a park entrance is the only way to make that change.

Does anyone know of a room key can also serve as a park ticket too; like they did before with packages?

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Sorry I’m blanking on what GS means.

Guest Services :blush:


Haha in my head that’s cs. Customer service. :blush:

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I struggle with acronyms too :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Thanks for your help!

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You can still get a Key to the World card if you want to.

Not sure if the resorts can do that, I suspect Guest Services may be the best bet.

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