Ordering room food for the week

Last time I was in World, I ordered food to my room from Garden Grocer. Nowadays there are things like Instacart. What is the current best service for delivering food to your room at the beginning of the week?

I’ve been using amazon, no problems. Havent tried anything else so cant compare.

The past two trips we used Instacart from Publix. Before that we would uber to a grocery store. We did use Garden Grocer once before the family’s food allergies were as numerous as they are now.

Have you had good luck with Instacart with allergies?

Tried Walmart and they lost half the order. Did Amazon twice and got the whole order but waiting for the delivery was a nightmare.

I’ve continued to use Garden Grocer (most recently as July!) I’ve always had a good experience with them and haven’t felt the need to change.

While we were at the resort, my husband realized he forgot his razor. He used amazon prime 2 hour delivery and it was very easy. (The free razor he got from BC was awful and they didn’t have any at the gift shop).

Decent luck as long as I can either order brands I normally do or read labels (sometimes by going to manufacturer’s sites). I tend to over-order in case they are out of things family members can eat. College dd uses instacart for Kroger delivery at school and has about an 80% success rate, but she is the most restricted of the family.

Our normal WDW eating pattern (DVC) is breakfast in and either lunch or dinner in. I stopped cooking proper meals once the allergy combos became too much to deal with on vacation, so we have sandwich and salad stuff on hand for lunch/dinner. Breakfast tends to be bagels/yogurt and fruit, with one or two hot breakfasts a trip (adding eggs etc)

Person 1 allergies: dairy, all brassicas, all legumes
Person 2 allergies: soy, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, tomatoes
Person 3 allergies: corn, dairy, shellfish, nuts, nutmeg, thyme, OAS to a gazillion fruits and veg
Person 4 (me) no allergies lol

Can stuff be left with the Bell desk or do you have to be there to accept the order?

UGH! That’s a lot to juggle! We are TN only but it can make breakfast foods a little tough. I am always concerned about the shopped subbing in something that she can’t eat. And everyone wants to get fancy these days and cook with nut flours, and nut milks, and plant based cheeses. Had to Epi and 911 in Yosemite this summer thanks to an undisclosed plant based spread. Trying not to repeat that excitement!
Can you communicate with your Instacart shopper? Seems like that would be ideal so they can ask me about substitutions. That is what os lacking with our local online shopppers.

If your order does not have alcohol they can leave it with the Bell desk.

You can communicate with Instacart shoppers. If you are watching the app while they shop you can approve or reject any substitutions and text with them. You could also decline substitutions across the board too.

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Awesome intel. Thanks!

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You can request substitutions/no substitutions when you place your order (this is what dd does, bc she might be in class when the shopper is in the store). I know that there’s a link for each item in your cart before you checkout—click on that, it will tell you what substitutions are automatically possible, you can accept the substitution or write in your own, OR tick the box for “no substitutions”

I’m not sure if you can do that as you add each item in your cart, though.

And man, epi-ing is no fun. WE have been dealing with allergies in the girls (now 26 and 21) since 2006. Epi has only been needed once, spring 2020, for youngest before we knew she added corn to her list. I made her epi herself, which was scary but necessary.

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Can you have Instacart or GG delivered the day you arrive but before you actually arrive at the hotel or checkin? I.e., GG delivered at 0800 and we arrive at 1000?

Yes, it can be left at Bell Services.

If you want to have alcohol delivered you will need to pick your company carefully. I think it’s Garden Grocer that allows you to fax in ID so you can have it delivered without being thee to meet you. Others insist you meet them.