Ordering premium Magicbands question

Probably a really silly question but here goes. We are trying to order our magicbands on My Disney Experience and like some of the $10 premium types. Do you have to order all of your party at once through My Disney Experience even if you can’t find good premium examples for each member? We can see maybe 1 or 2 we like, but never a full 5. Are we right in thinking you cannot separate into 2 purchases if that makes sense?

Yes you have to order all at once. Once you order, you pay and they ship all bands immediately. If you don’t pick for some people, they get grey.

Thanks missoverexcited. Thats what we thought. Now I see why people are complaining. That and when you click on one it is usually not available anyway!

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We are staying at the resort and coming from overseas. I think if we order they will be collected from the front desk upon check in?

Yes that’s right. They only ship to the US. I didn’t really believe ours would be at the resort as they were shipped in May and our trip was August, but they had them.

So we can be confident that if we order premium magicbands they will be there at check in. Don’t want our group all having grey magicbands!

Fairly confident anyway!

If I can, I’d like to tack onto this question with a few additional MB questions for resort guests.

I know I’ll get an AP magic band, but not in time for our May trip. I already bought MBs for everyone for May.

But in December 2020, my wife and I are going and will be doing a split stay. Right NOW, we have reservations for Pop and then Contemporary. But eventually we plan to replace the Pop stay with a DVC rental at BWV (but keep Contemporary).

When I go into MDE, it allows me to at least START the process of ordering a MB for those stays. What isn’t clear to me is if you technically are allowed a MB for EACH resort as part of a split stay. And also, what happens if you order a MB for a resort stay that you ultimately cancel/replace?

Basically, our Pop Century stay is a placeholder. We will go if we can’t get the DVC we want. But we could order MBs for the Pop Century visit NOT. When we switch it over to DVC, I would expect to just keep the same MB that we ordered for Pop rather than get one for BWV. But I’m not sure if they would then charge us for the MB for Pop even though we end up with a BWV stay?

I suppose the best thing would just be to wait until after the DVC rental…but with all the difficulty people are having ordering their MBs for their resort stays, I kind of wanted to start trying sooner than later when they have the bands we like available.


I can offer an answer to at least the first part of your question…

you get a magicband for each part of your split stay, if you want it.

My suggestion would be to wait until Jan, for your DVC rental to come through. That still gives you 4 months until your May stay, Maybe by then, they’ll have the process figured out. :joy::roll_eyes:

I see you’re an optimist! :wink:

Okay. So, in theory, we could order MBs for at least the Contemporary part of the visit, which we don’t plan to cancel. (Although…we do plan to MODIFY…if we stay at Pop, we’ll do three days at Contemporary. But if we get the BWV, which I expect, I plan to modify the Contemporary down to a single night.)

Yeah. That is my thought. I just hate the idea of possibly missing out on the bands I like. The bands we ordered for our May 2020 trip they no longer have at all, and they have since added two bands I actually like a lot. But what if those bands are gone before January?

Oh well. I guess I need to put on my patience hat! :slight_smile:

Ooh, random question. You’re staying at Contemporary… why aren’t you renting DVC at BLT for that part of your trip?

(sorry for the thread hijack)

I agree about them not being available. Every time I see one that I like (on this forum for example) I go looking for it and there’s nothing like it. I don’t see why they can’t keep these in stock…you would think if it’s a product people are liking that they’d make a lot of them.

Originally, that was the plan. But after much back and forthing on the subject, it came back to this: When we were originally planning this trip, it was meant to be our “dream trip”. And, it had always been a dream of mine to stay at the Contemporary, being able to walk out of our room and watch the Monorail, etc. BLT is CLOSE, but not quite that dream. We also wanted one night with MK view as part of that (which can be done in either place.)

Still, we could stay at the BLT 1 bedroom villa for cheaper…but it isn’t QUITE the dream, you know?

So, for just ONE NIGHT we will live the dream and stick with the Contemporary despite the added cost.

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For my upcoming stay in October I ordered MB’s back in July, and since have modified, canceled modification and rebooked at the original resort, long story and I’ll spare the details. But, when I modified the magic bands ordered stayed on the reservation. After I cancelled, they were still on my account (and in my closet) but we were not charged. Now that I have rebooked I have the opportunity to order again as it is a new reservation. Normally I would pass, but we are adding another person so I may order plain ones so she gets one too.