Ordering off the menu?

Sooo.... my oldest is 12 and is an adult on the dining plan (we got the free DDP). He can be a picky eater at times which leads me to my question: If he doesn't see something he likes on the dinner (Table service) menu, can we ask the chef to cook something to his liking? For example... he loves Salmon, chicken and Pasta. If there is salmon on the menu.. can I ask them to just broil or bake it for him with broccoli and rice? He doesn't like sauces etc. Does that make sense? Or if he sees nothing he likes... can they just make him a grilled chicken breast with pasta & parmesan? He doesn't want to order off the kid menu... and I don't want him eating chicken fingers and french fries 2 meals a days for our whole trip! lol... TIA:)

my DH won't eat mushrooms. he often orders menu items with requests (like to leave off the mushrooms and sauces). Not sure if they'll prepare him his own dish... but you should be able to request things be prepared differently within reason.

Many of the restaurants are ok with making some adjustments for kids.

when all else fails, there's pasta with butter. LOL


haha... when in doubt there is always pasta with butter. I just wish he would be a little more adventurous. my other 2 sons will try most anything and love steak. my 10 yr old already picked his meal for Yachtsmans--- 18oz Kansas City Strip Steak with truffle fries. a boy after my own heart wink yeah... I'll just try to tweak the menu options for my oldest. Thanks!

You know, I used to be really frustrated about my oldest being so picky -- then we had a scare and learned the hard way that she has a severe nut allergy. And we learned that due to me pressuring her to try something new, ha ha. Thank goodness it all worked out alright. But now I have more respect for trusting her own instincts about what she likes and doesn't. I wonder sometimes if she is a "super taster." She will try a bite of something new now and then, but as long as she's having plenty of fruit, veg, and protein, I just let her eat according to her own preferences, as long as it doesn't require extra work on the home-cook's part.

My second child, on the other hand, will eat ANYTHING. (especially if it is from my plate -- "but Mommy was going to eat that!") Such a crazy difference!


my DS was NOT adventurous at all. Often our issue was that things have TOO much seasonings and what not. He's become accustomed to the pasta and butter or a plain steak with a side of veggies. lately, he's been dipping his toes into new flavors and trying afew new things here and there, but I can't count on him ordering fancy stuff from a menu just yet either. LOL


I am quite sure that if they have any particular meat or fish item on the menu then you can get that same cut prepared without the sauces and fancy sides. I would even just ask for it on the side so that he can experiment if he wants. I believe that is true at most TS restaurants in or out of the World.

I get not wanting to order off the kids' menu, but often the "Mickey check" meals are things like grilled chicken or fish, prepared very simply. It might screw up your numbers for the DDP, so it may be a moot point. But when we go with my 10 year old, he will likely eat off the kids' menu, meaning that we will have enough adult credits to do a couple of signature meals and still eat TS each night. I figure that for every two meals he eats off the kids menu, that covers my DH and I for a signature. Hopefully I am doing the math right.


Thanks ladies!! That makes sense...
@bsquared- my 10 year old is constantly wanting my food no matter how fancy it is. I swear he has a hollow leg!


Ha ha! What's really annoying about it right now is that I am keeping a daily food journal and counting calories, so when I make a smoothie for example and he wants some of it, I constantly have to do some sort of calculation, ha ha. smile


Getting back to the original question (my views on "picky" eaters usually just piss people off), a simple modification like asking for no sauce or sauce on the side is pretty easy to accomodate - I've done this. Asking for an entirely different dish might be more difficult.