Ordering FL Resident Tickets Online

When ordering FL resident park tickets online, do you have to have a credit card that has a FL billing address? What if you have a Florida vacation home, but live in Texas? So you only have credit cards with TX billing addresses?

Taken from 2023 Disney World Florida Resident Tickets | Deals & Offers

You have to show proof of residency at the gate (or there is a way on-line to do it).

I believe we always had to activate them in person, which required proof of residency.

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That’s fine. I have a utility bill with the florida address on it. But, can you purchase the tickets online using a credit card from TX?

where do you have to go to show that proof? Is it at the normal line getting in the park? Where the fingerprint checkers are? Or is it a different window/person you have to goto?
If so, do you think it’ll slow down our rope drop?

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We always went to one of the ticket booths because they were faster. But I believe Guest services can do it as well.

The taps stiles (finger scan) cannot validate them, they will send you back to guest services. I’d get there a little earlier than rope drop, if that’s your plan - just one more line to stand in.

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got ya. thanks. Is the guest services window next to the opening gates at most parks?

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Showing a Utility bill should work, correct? I assume there are alot of people who have vacation homes in FL but don’t reside there, so do not have FL driver’s licenses. As long as the name on the Utility bill matches the name on your out of state license

That is what a friend of mine does. Her family has a vacation home near Naples and the power bill is in her name so she can get resident discounts.