Ordering alcohol

Anyone who has been there in 2018 on the dining plan: How are they handling checking ID’s when ordering alcohol with meals at quick service restaurants? Typically, I would find a table to sit down with our kids while husband orders and gets food. If we both want an alcoholic beverage with our meal, would we both need to be at the counter for having our ID’s checked? I am trying to decide whether or not to add the dining plan to our reservation.

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I only did ts and wasnt asked for Id even though I look close to the legal age, though it’s probably because I had kids at the table.

You could always just give your ID to your dh in case they ask for it?

I’m curious about this as well since we generally have to do one person getting food for the rest. On the more questionable side… since quick service credits are not separated for child vs adult, can an alcoholic beverage be ordered with a meal that is for a child. To be enjoyed by said child’s parent of course :wink:

Jessi-We were wondering the same thing! I hope someone knows the answer!

I would think that they will use something akin to the ballpark/stadium rules of 2 drinks per person. One person might want 2 beers with their meal, etc, so I think that one person ordering two should be absolutely fine.