Order of topics

So do the most recent chats show up in order like they used to? It seems like I just have to click to expand everything. Is that right? Otherwise kind of the same?

Right now, the default page when you come to the forums is the categories listing. If you go into a specific category or sub-category, or click the "Latest" link in the header, it will show you the chat topics in order of which ones have been posted in most recently.

I'm using my phone and I totally don't get that at all. I use my phone for lines.

Ah, we're collecting plenty of feedback to send to the forum developers on how to improve the mobile experience. It seems like they need to work out plenty of kinks in that part of it.

I'm super confused and lost. Using my phone was the best part of lines. I guess I'll have to find something else to do tonight.

I'm using my iPhone right now - search for the forum through a search engine and sign in like normal.

This does not seem to be true. Or else I'm dense, one of the two. The default order of "Latest" is supposedly by Topic, if the little arrow is to be believed:

But I don't see how that's sorted by topic at all. It's certainly not in alphabetical order. So what does that sort column heading actually mean?

When I click on "Activity", then it becomes sorted by most recent post, similar to how Lines Chat works.

Okay, wait, maybe I figured it out. By default, even though it says it's sorted by "Topic", what it's actually sorted by is most recent activity. That is, the most recent post in each thread. When you click on Activity, it becomes sorted by the time of the threads' creation. Does that seems correct?

Trying to use this on my phone and can't do any of those things frowning

I think so, @MrItty. I'm looking at most recent posters and most current times to determine which topic I choose.

@Mr_Itty on a somewhat unrelated note - how do you get the reply to show up under the post (with an arrow pointing up). I have been using the "reply" icon with an arrow pointing left - should I be doing it a different way? I love the results you are getting and would like to learn how to do that as well.

Not sure I'm following. To reply to a specific post, you click the "Reply" button that has the arrow going up and to the left that's right under that post. For example, to create this post, I clicked this button on your post:

And that will cause this reply to appear right below your post, with the "1 Reply " and a little down arrow. Is that what you're asking?

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...... or not. Why the heck didn't it do that? I don't get it. :-/

I think there are some issues with reply nesting when using a mobile device.

I'm using my computer.

On a computer I sometimes see nested replies. On my phone, never. That's kind of a big deal bc it's really hard to follow stuff. It doesn't even show who the post is replying to on my phone.

Hey @Mr_Itty Thank you so much for your response - that is exactly the process that I've been doing but the replies are not appearing like I saw your responses were. - I'm "chalking" it up to beginning glitches. Other than that it seems like the forum is acting properly - well for me that is.

I think I've seen that happen sometimes too. I'll know I replied to a specific post, but when I hit reply, it'll look like it didnt recognize that and just post it as a normal generic reply.