Order of ride in MK in the 1st hour

what is everyone’s preferred order of rides in the first hour or so after RD?

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Regular opening? I walk o Space and do that a couple of times. I think check out the time on PP on my way to Big Thunder.

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We tend to do Splash, Big thunder, Pirates and Jungle Cruise. We usually have FPPs for &DMT, Space and PP or Buzz.

When we take our DS5, we always have to stop for a PP after every two rides or so. :wink:


I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. If we don’t have FP+, we almost always head left to Adventureland first and do Pirates, Jungle Cruise, maybe Tiki Room, then Big Thunder. I don’t know why, but I love Adventureland first thing in the morning.

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If I’m only going to be there one day, I FPP BTMRR, Splash, and SM (usually for early afternoon). If it’s EMH (and I almost always do MK on an EMH AM), FL and TL are all that’s open, I’ll hit the FL rides and try to get Buzz in as well. If it’s a regular opening, I head for HM, POC, and JC first