Order of parks

I’m going for 5 days in June from the 9th to the 13th. I do not have park hopper, but am staying on-site. This is my tentative order for the parks. What are your thoughts?

1st - travel - Epcot for half a day - CL 9
2nd - MK - CL 7
3rd - AK - CL 6
4th - HS - CL 6
5th - MK - CL 5

What do you think my chances are of getting FPs for FOP and MMRR? Would it make a big difference if i changed the order up at all? Am I overthinking it?

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I think your order will be ok. HS will be the toughest in my opinion but I think you are ok. I am wondering why the CLs are so high?

Here is a good resource to gauge when you may be able to land a certain FPP. You should be OK on both, but you will also be looking at afternoon on both.

Be aware that these CLs are not definite until about 60 days out. (Really until about 45 - 30 days) Right now they are just using historical data for 2018 / 2019.

Basically, start making your personalized plans and see what TP suggests is the best plan. However, know that you’ll “real” plan won’t be ready until after you get your FPP booked.

I love TP but any CL # that is more than 60 days out I no longer trust. Wait and see… it’ll fluctuate. TP only updates about 60 days in advance and copies & pastes the previous year’s historical info into the farther away future dates.

Thank you so much. That makes me feel better. I’ll starting working on my TPs, keep my fingers crossed, and adjust after I get my FPs.

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