Order of attractions in optimized plans

Hi. I’ve used TouringPlans many times, and eventually I came to realize that for each park, ordering the rides in a certain way (as per my touring plans) turned out really well. They’ve come out pretty much similar for many years.

This year, the touring plans I’ve made have ordered things in a way that is completely different than all my past plans. Can this be right? They are just so drastically different, and sometimes have me waiting up to 50 minutes at a ride. They do indicate I’d get out of the park at a reasonable time, but I find they have certain very crowded rides late in the day and things like that. Just so different I don’t trust it…

Has anyone found the same? Has anyone tried out a plan that seemed unusual as mine do?


If you see something out of whack, you can also drag a step to a position that you think makes more sense then click “Evaluate” and it will update the times. Remember, it’s just using the data it has about that day and the steps you include and it tires to order them as best as possible. But it’s a computer, so it can only do what it was programmed to do based on the info it has.

With the advent of FPP the crowd dynamics in the parks has changed, which will affect TPs. Ones from the old FP days may look radically different when run today. If you are seeing something that is really odd and you suspect it to be an error with the optimizer, email webmaster@touringplans.com with your questions, giving them the plan URL.

Yeah there is no one thing that is odd, just each whole plan. For example we always always did Kali first or second thing in the day, but the plans are telling me to do it much later on. We always always do Peter Pan first, but again the plan has it late in the day. I do know a little about computers–I am a software developer, after all. :slight_smile: Offered to work for Len years ago since I’m such a Disney addict…