Orange County will lift all mask requirements on Saturday - WDW slightly modifies mask policy- Indoor Masks still required

From the WDW Magic story:

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings has just announced that effective Saturday June 5 he is lifting all COVID-19 restrictions relating to masks and social distancing clearing the way for Disney to move to a mask-free Walt Disney World.

Disney moved very quickly to follow the Orange County outdoor mask requirement being dropped a couple of weeks ago, and we could see a mask free Walt Disney World as soon as this weekend should Disney decide to follow the updated county guidance.


I feel for all the parents of kids under 12 who can’t get vaxxed yet and don’t know what to do about their vacation plans. Same for immunocompromised people.


Form the Blog Mickey story about WDW mask policy

A change to the face mask policy has been made to the Walt Disney World website that draws a stronger line between indoor and outdoor activities. The change could indicate that Disney intends to keep the indoor face mask mandate in place a bit longer as the rest of Orange County rescinds such policies starting tomorrow.

Disney has clarified that face masks are required at indoor theaters. A prior version of the policy stated that masks must be worn at “all theaters” – making no distinction between indoor and outdoor venues.


Are any “outdoor theatres” even open? I guess the amphitheater in Epcot? Anything else?

the bird show in AK is an open theater

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Thank You, beat me to it

Maybe we will see some more re-opening of outdoor shows announced soon? Wishful thinking?

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Provided they have the CM-pwr they need to open more to accommodate their capacity increases.

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This just seems like a very quiet measured response to the decisions being made by the Orange County Govt and UOR. No announcement, just change on website. In the PR world, when you want to make an announcement that goes unnoticed, do it late on Friday afternoon.

Looks like WDW will keep indoor mask requirements for the time being.

Why make such a small change? Basically only affects one attraction currently.

It will be interesting to see what comes next? Added more outdoor un-masked activities (shows or maybe evening fireworks) or reducing indoor mask requirements?


Fireworks! Fireworks!


Well we know they tested them last night at midnight and woke up all the EC area resort guests :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I was there last week with DD7 and we wore masks as soon as we got in lines. I kept forgetting to put one on when we used the bathrooms, I guess because no cast members were there to remind me :rofl: