Orange County FL reduces physical distance rules from 6 feet to 3 feet in ALL SETTINGS - Could this mean WDW increases capacity?

Definitely yes! :crazy_face:

ETA It would be a huge coincidence if it was the same, I think? Or a conspiracy… :thinking:


Ha! I was trying to figure out a better way to word that and took my chances. I should have known! :rofl:


I am not sure. I have been looking at a few different states on the east coast, and they all seem similar so far (within a few percentage points).

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Well… if we consider the spring break crowd one might draw a conclusion that they were not vaccinated…, I don’t know but partying maskless in close quarters in the middle of a pandemic suggests an attitude of throwing caution to the wind or maybe they were living it up cuz they had their shots? But seriously I have no idea :woman_shrugging: then again some ppl might come here for the freedom offered by Florida’s governor that has advertised that Florida is open for business. I’m conflicted :neutral_face:


I think more likely.
People interested in traveling in general are probably more likely.
No data to support. I’m just guessing.



Which is ironic given that the entire place is rooted in fantasy whereas vaccines are science.

Or, is it simply a reflection of “I’ll do whatever I have to to get back there again” because I can totally appreciate that angle and know some people who were given to consent for this exact reason. WDW is not requiring it but employers may indirectly (where I am no quarantine post travel if fully vaccinated).


This. I think people are so ready to get out of the house and do fun things again.
I need the magic!


Another increase in ride capacity, Buzz Lightyear now loading every car.

Does this mean that WDW will no long need Monsters Inc space for social distance waiting?


I know Monster Inc is being used for Buzz Lightyear lines and Columbia Harbor House is now waiting space for Peter Pan at MK.

IIRC, Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast are now waiting space as well at HS.

What other rides/show/attractions/etc. are shut down to serve as additional stand by line space.

Hmm, what about Epcot? Though I suppose there has been something of a futuristic element there, but still, it’s not quite as much fantasy.

Based on what I saw last week, things appear to be slowly changing in Disney too. By late afternoon in MK a CM was standing at Casey’s Corner with a loud speaker telling departing guests to exit via the street as the sidewalk was reserved for guests who wanted to go into the Clothier stores. It was a very successful way to prompt people going into that connected set of shops for browsing and shopping. Getting in was super easy. And … to my horror my wife walked in. It was so crowded in there it felt like the old Stretch/Shrinking room in the Haunted Mansion. No exaggeration. Getting out was tough.

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