Option for Late Breakfast in MK/MK resort Area

Looking for a late breakfast in the MK area on our arrival day, we’re considering Ohana or Whispering Canyon but looking for feedback from others on what you all liked. We are also open to other suggestions! Mostly looking for good food and atmosphere for DH’s first trip. Thanks!

WCC is fabulous. Steakhouse 71 is getting high marks these days too

Just had breakfast at Kona Cafe in April. Menu feels limited compared to years past, but still a solid choice. Great service, great coffee! The french toast is famous, of course, and my sister and my son both raved. :smiley:

Kona Cafe. Get the Macadamia Nut pancakes or the Tonga Toast…and the ham on the side! The ham was the best part of the meal! So delicious, I want to go back there just for the ham.

My wife’s favorite food item of our entire 8 day trip was the Tonga Toast. But I can’t have bananas (since I’m allergic to them) so I go the Macadamia Nut pancakes, which were delicious as well.

:heart: Kona, but FYI…
It’s closing for refurbishment on 8/15 without a reopen date :frowning:

Such a bummer! We’re going to be there a week after if closes!

I am so angry about this LMAO. I know its petty in the grand scheme of things, but we have visited Kona every trip for the past 20 years. This next trip (October 2022) might be the last of the yearly family trips as we are wanting to explore more destinations and if it doesn’t reopen by then DH is going to be really upset. Tonga Toast is his WDW tradition. Personally I switch back and forth between the Loco Moco and the Macadamia Nut Pancakes.
The QS version in Captain Cooks is ok but not the same in my opinion.

Hmm. Wonder how long the refurbish actually will take. This was going to be our one ADR for breakfast in December…but without a reopen date, it seems unlikely they would allow us to book an ADR.

Oh. I just noticed that Kona Cafe will still be available for Mobile Order…so, all hope isn’t lost…just can’t sit down and eat there. (Where would you sit down to eat if you Mobile Order from there but aren’t actually staying at Poly?)

Our last trip we had a lovely breakfast at steakhouse 71. I would definitely do it again.

Some Kona Cafe food will be available from Kona Island via Mobile Order, and Kona Island has some seating. It’s more bar-like (high seats at shallow ledges or the bar) but it’s something.

We really enjoyed our character breakfast at 'Ohana. It felt a bit more laid back than the Chef Mickey’s breakfast…however, that was all pre-covid when Chef Mickey’s was a buffet and 'Ohana was family style. I think Chef Mickey’s is now family style too.

Steakhouse 71. It is a very nice walk from MK, then monorail back to MK. Good food, good service.

We also liked Grand Floridian Cafe whicb serves bruncb into the luncb hour. Good food, good service, beautiful setting.