Is anyone having problems optimizing their plans? My plans won’t refresh this morning.

E-mail webmaster@touringplans.com - they usually respond very quickly to technical issues.

I’ve also been having lots of trouble today. None of my plans will finish optimizing or evaluating.

I was having issues too. I emailed them at 10.19am cst this morning. No reply yet.

I cant optimize any of my plans. It keeps saying the status is optimizing and to refresh. It’s been saying that for hours now. I emailed earlier this morning as well and no response yet.

I have e-mailed them, Facebooked them, and Tweeted at them…all to no avail. I am also not able to optimize any of my plans. Hopefully they will respond soon.

People on the chat are having issues too. So, I think it’s site wide. Now that a bunch of folks have emailed them, I think we just need to sit back and wait until they can fix it!

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Where is the chat room?

It’s on the mobile app.

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