Optimizing touring plans

I’ve started trying to plan out our touring plans for February. It seems to be off every time I optimize. It never puts Peter Pan first, and the longest wait time listed is 11 minutes. Even for popular rides around noon. I changed the date to December 30th (extremely busy week I’ve heard) and it has the longest wait time as 24 minutes. Does this seem right to anyone?

I’d have to look at the specific plans, but in general that’s the whole point of Optimized TPs - the machine figures out the best possible way to tour so that you have minimal waits overall. Also, not putting Peter Pan first is often a good strategy, as it pretty much has a line from the get-go so you are better off knocking off a few attractions that will have no wait at that time.

It just seems so weird since all the plans in the book start with Peter Pan.

I don’t know why Peter Pan has such long lines but every time we go their the line is long. The ride has been their forever but it is quite good, similar to the Haunted Mansion, as a ride that has been their since conception.

Erm, I think you mean “inception”… :wink: