Optimizing Touring Plan

I am trying to personalize a plan. I selected the attractions for Day 1 of the Two Days with Small Children Plan. Added in bfast and dinner ADRs and a lunch break. Optimized. The plan is leaving a gap of time from 12:30-5:30 with no activities. I assume it thinks I want to take a nap or that lines are longer during this time, but I’m not going anywhere. When I move attractions from 7pm to 3pm and optimize, it makes them later again. How can I get an optimized plan using the whole day? Thanks!

Hi. You need to add more things to your plan, as you don’t have enough to fill all the hours. I am guessing a plan for small children assumes a short day in the parks.

Sounds like you either need to add more attractions/ etc, or arrange things the way you want them and use evaluate instead of optimize to see how long each step is predicted to take. Alternatively, you can adjust the start or end time, make different plans for different parts of your day, and/or add in more breaks etc. As I understand it, Optimize will use the plan parameters you’ve set (including plan starting and ending time, selected attractions, walking speed, etc) and give you the most efficient order and timing. So if your selected attractions won’t fill the time you’ve entered for your plan, you end up with lots of down time. Evaluate just recalculates the time each step will take.

When I look at the Two Days with Small Children Plan for MK, it has a 240 minute (4 hours) break in the afternoon for a rest at the hotel. Unless you delete that step, it will keep trying to give you that big block of time. That is assuming you started with that plan and copied it, so you can modify it.


I intentionally didn’t copy it bc I didn’t want the break and was afraid that would happen. I just cross referenced and manually selected the same attractions, but maybe it still recognized it as a plan with a break :thumbsdown: I don’t want to add more attractions, I just want more of them to be before dinner. I will try later to evaluate and see what happens.thanks.

What is the CL on your day?

Went from 3 to 7😞

If you publish your plan and list the link, then we can take a look at it - if you don’t mind.

I’m a little bit confused about exactly what you’re wanting to do here. Are you planning on being in the park from opening until closing without a break, even though you only want to do half of the park that day? I mean, that’s cool if you do but that’s just not enough stuff to completely fill a 13 hour day at a CL 7.

I agree with Nikki, without adding more attractions/shows, you may have a large gap if you optimize. Another option would be to arrange everything how you like it and then choose “evaluate” instead of “optimize”. This would leave everything in the order that you have it and shouldn’t leave large gaps (unless of course you still don’t have enough to fill up that time slot)

One way to try to force it to schedule some things in the midday might be to double up on some attractions that it has scheduled in the morning or evening and schedule a few 20-30 minute breaks in between the evening attractions just to spread out of the free time without letting the system decide how you’ll use it. That will, however, likely result in longer waits for the things it moves into the midday.

Another option is to actually leave the park for awhile. Even if you’re staying offsite you can still take a monorail tour, or take a tour of Bay Lake and the lagoon via the resort launches. Maybe grab a Dole Whip or pineapple cocktail at Poly. If it’s during the holidays then the decorations at the MK resorts (especially Wilderness Lodge’s tree) are worth going to see. Either way it gives you a chance to take a load off and step away from the craziness and stimulation of the park for an hour or two, which is nice to do if you have the time.

As others have mentioned, the problem here is that you do not have enough attractions to fill your day.The plan you have used as a base reference is not meant to be a timed plan and has very few attractions to allow for a relaxed pace. If you want to finish more attractions before dinner, set your plan finish time to 6:00.