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Greeting all! We’re gearing up for a big trip with my in laws, in their 70s. This will be our 3rd trip as a family and I’ve used TP each time. As I recall, when I’m going through my TP on the app and updating with “done” or I believe I’ve even optimized once and then everything sort of went side ways. My original TP disappeared (at least from what i could tell). Panic set in and I just never could get things really back on track. Thankfully, I had studied those plans and more or less knew what should come next or was able to “wing it” based on all the reading and research I’d done. So, my question is about how to avoid this happening again. Since, we’ll be with the in laws, and I want everything to go as smoothly as possible, can you all give me some tips for updating or optimizing on the fly? I fully admit, I am not all that tech savvy and if something goes even slightly off the rails, I panic and get super frustrated. Thanks for the help.

Ahead of time, copy each of your plans. The, if you accidentally optimize again, you can to back to the original plan in the app, copy it, and evaluate it instead.

Optimize doesn’t care about your current order…it just tries to find the best waiting times. So, after you hit “Done” on some steps, use evaluate to update the times, not optimize.

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Thanks for the quick answer. Do I do the copy plan from my desktop, so I’d start with 2 of the same plan? Does that make sense?

I think you can copy it from either…never really tried to do it in the app, though.

Appreciate this question. I hadn’t thought about it but guess I need to figure out how to actually use the app in park so I avoid your issue of losing the plan… I keep getting myself in circles optimizing again and again (in advance). Great tip to just copy the plans as backup!

Good advice here. I like having two copies because I can evaluate one and optimize the other. That way I can see things in the order I like (evaluate) but compare to decide if going “out of order” (optimize) is worth it. When it is just my husband and I (or just me), I tend to lean toward optimize because I know where I’m going and don’t mind crisscrossing. When it was my family with my parents, and my little niece, I tended to stick to evaluate more because I had things set up so we didn’t have to cross cross and could do things in a certain order.

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What I found helpful was to make a “fake” TP and then spend a day “doing it” by tracking the waits & etc… in the MDE App. It also helped me to see how accurate TP predictions were on a similar CL day.

Doing this really helped my get used to how the app works / practice.

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