Optimizing not working for me

I just made a new plan for a day at California Adventure and on both the site and the app “Optimize” is not doing anything. None of the steps are being moved around and also no info such as wait time, walking time, etc is being listed.

On the website if there is an error with the plan it will give you some actions to correct (i.e. you have a ride or show not scheduled to run or overlapping breaks or something of that sort). Once you correct it, there will be a hyperlink to click (where Optimize or Evaluate usually are) that will enable those buttons again.

On the app, no matter what you need to give the plan ~45 seconds then click the link at the top to see the newly optimized/evaluated times.

If neither of the above describes what you’re seeing, email the link for the plan to webmaster@touringplans.com & they will gladly take a look at what other error it may be & respond quickly with a solution.

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There was not error message. I’m able to click optimize, the little wheel spins but nothing updates which is weird because I made three other plans for the other days of my trip and it’s working fine including a day at California Adventure with all the same attractions I chose for the one that isn’t working.

Interesting. If you were able to make a different plan that is working then you can delete the one that isn’t.

But if you were still curious, email webmaster@touringplans.com as I suggested above. They are very helpful & have always gotten back to me super quick with any questions or issues I have had making plans.

Yeah it’s weird I changed that day (11/11) from California Adventure to Disneyland and everything worked fine.