Optimizing feature on personal plans

We are in Orlando. I have optimized our plans for Magic Kingdom and it has us doing 4 rides and then having 323 minutes of “free time” before continuing our plan. What is the deal?

Not enough planned!

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Do you have a break or anything planned in? Or a fpp reservation that might cause the gap? Or do you only have a lot of “headliner” attractions on the plan? It could just be TP’s way of saving you time in line. It could have you delaying the rest of your attractions to times with lower lines. If you want to post a link to the plan, maybe someone could give you more specific advice.

I had lunch and an afternoon break, but took them out - thinking that would fix things. It didn’t. Have the 3 FP that they recommended. It is very strange.

14 rides -

It’s saying that I don’t have access to the plan. Did you check publish?

I can’t see your plan, but this happened to one of my touring plans once. It was caused by me typing in the wrong time for an ADR. Double check all time references you may have typed in for ADRs and breaks, since the touring plans computers are supposed to act as if these are correct, and build the optimized plan around them.

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